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Treat your senses with our cakes and tarts selection. Imagine biting into an eclair, the cream oozing out and the chocolate melting in your mouth. Picture the sight of a tempting Victoria sponge, just waiting for you to finish your chicken wrap. Let the aroma of a lemon cake waft from the future and into your nostrils. Now, treat your tastebuds by turning these delightful thoughts into reality. 

And it’s not just birthday and party cakes that can turn an event into a celebration. A cheeky Tuesday tart can make the week feel like Christmas. Or a pack of chocolate mini rolls can be used to make the festivities last far beyond the final bite of a party food platter.  

For those with specific dietary preferences, our freefrom bread and cakes have you covered. And if you’re craving sweet snack, but don’t fancy a cake, then perhaps a chocolate bar will be more up your street. 

Start your day with a croissant, and enjoy the flaky, buttery pastry as it falls into your mouth, and down your shirt. Then, in the afternoon, revel in the spongy goodness of a madeira cake, for a day’s worth of sweet enjoyment. 

Add something sweet to the table this Christmas with our range of delicious Christmas desserts. From yule logs to Christmas pudding and much more.