Spreadable butter

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Spreadable butter is a great way to add more flavour to your dishes. Imagine the sizzle as a dollop melts over hot pan-fried eggs or a smooth layer spread on crispy morning toast. And to fix you up your morning cuppa, grab some milk and store it in your fridge. Our selection includes British fresh milk collected from happy and healthy cows to support the farmers within the country. Mindful of dietary needs, our lactose free milk alternatives cater to all tastes and preferences. Try oat and almond-flavoured drinks along with lactose-free cream cheese and butter.   

Give your toast, omelettes and cakes a twist by adding some cream cheese. Craving something sweet?  Add some yogurt to your muffin and ice lolly recipes. Or mix it with your favourite granola and add some berries to prepare a tasty breakfast. Flavoured yogurt options make great snacks. Super versatile, Greek yogurt is excellent to use as a salad dressing. And if you’re craving Indian, prepare some refreshing chutneys with yogurt, lime and coriander to go with your main meals.