Vegetarian & plant based

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Explore our vegetarian and plant based range to discover something new or rediscover something familiar. Remember the burgers on the grill at the family barbecue? Try the plant alternative. Or take a spoonful of a berry yogurt. Whatever you fancy, take a look at our range. You might be surprised at what you find. 

And if you want to go further, then perhaps look at our vegan food. Utilising no animal products such as milk or eggs, it’s the next step up from vegetarianism. Or if it’s sustainability or artificialness you’re concerned about, check out our organic fruit and veg. There are lots of options for changing your diet to fit your aims. 

One of the issues you might face with a vegetarian diet is where to get your iron from. That’s because iron usually comes from eating foods such as red meat. However, you can get it from some pulses and beans, such as red kidney beans. And if you need more, you can supplement your diet with some iron tablets from our immunity and iron range. Just be sure to not take more than the label suggests. 

But, let’s be honest, sometimes vegetables can be a bit, well, boring. So, next time you make a vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese, make sure you add some herbs, spices and seasoning. Some mixed herbs, pepper and salt might be standard, but they’re important. And if you want to go a bit out there? Why not throw in some chilli powder? 

Whatever you go for, you’ll need some cutlery. You can eat fruit with your hands, but roasted vegetables? Probably not.