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It can be hard to eat a meal without cutlery. Some meals are fine, there’s not much judgement for eating a burger and chips with your hands for example. Others, like soup, might be a little bit more difficult. You could drink it from a mug, which we also offer. But a spoon can be an option as well. 

And a spaghetti Bolognese might be a little hard to eat without a fork. But if you want to attempt it, then it might be worth checking out our cleaning products. And maybe some more detergents and washing powder?  

Our cutlery range also includes knives, to make it easier to cut your food and to butter your bread. We also sell convenient drawers for storing and displaying your new cutlery. Unfortunately, we won’t come over to your house to organise your cutlery for you, but you could think of it as a game? And if you want a more entertaining game, we’ve got those as well. 

And while you’re eating with your new cutlery, perhaps you should have a drink? You could have a bubbly lemonade, one that makes you remember childhood summers. And if you want to drink it straight from the bottle, we won’t judge.