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When it's time to relax and unwind, enjoy your time with a glass of rum. Whether you’re after a hint of spice or want dark or white rum, we’ll have you spoilt for choice. Check out our entire collection of aged spirits to upgrade your bar with the best.

Beat the heat with a coconut flavoured white rum during summer. Perfect for pool parties and beach vacations, stir up a rum-based drink with white rum, passion fruit and lemonade garnished with a few mint leaves. Don't forget to add lots of ice to keep yourself and your drink cool. Hosting a rum tasting night at your place? Distil your own rum from scratch and kick back.

Looking for some rum recipes? Wow your guests with the zesty flavours of the sunset rum paloma cocktail for your sundowners. Grab some spiced rum if you’re going for a classic Cuba libre. And end the day with a boozy treat with our grilled rum pineapple with ice cream and coconut recipe. With tropical fruits, rum, honey and coconut, this summer dessert is an absolute favourite.

For a cosy winter night, a classic combination of dark rum and cola is a favourite tipple for many. For a romantic date, a bottle of sparkling wine is a must-have. And for days you’re enjoying a chill evening with your friends, stock up on craft beer to keep the party going. And for everyone who’s stopped drinking or is on a break, we offer tons of low and no alcohol drinks too. Whether you prefer gin, beer, wine or rum, we've got them all.