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On a hot summer’s day there’s nothing as nice as… well, ice. We’ve got both cubed and crush options, so you can cool down things of different sizes and types without having to shape your own frozen water. And sometimes there’s nothing better than the ker-unch of a cube as it cools down your tongue. 

But we’ll be honest, the best thing about these icy wonders is what they can do. For example, you could add a couple of cubes to a glass of whisky. This should reduce the burn of the alcohol while increasing the release of flavours. Or add some to your fizzy drink of choice for a bubbly burst of refreshing coolness. 

You could even double down on the watery goodness and go for some cold still water with crushed frozen H2O. Say it like that and it sounds like an adventure! 

It’s not all about drinks of course. You can also mix together some of these frozen delights with some fresh fruit. Mix them together and you could create a delicious and refreshing smoothie! We’ve got our own range of smoothies if you don’t want to make them yourself. 

And you’ll need some glassware to drink from, as well as some coasters. After all, no one wants condensation rings on their furniture.