Sherry, port & fortified wine

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End your meals on a sweet note with our dessert wines like Sherry and Port. Sweeter than your standard favourites, these fortified wines can be enjoyed straight or mixed with bitters and cordials for refreshing cocktails.


All the way from the vineyards of Portugal, port wine is known for its rich, sweet and dense flavour. Whether you’re looking for red port wine, tawny or white port wine, we’ve got something for all tastes. Planning a date? Set the menu with some specialty cheese and port. Or prepare a charcuterie board with your choice continental meats, olives, fruits and crackers.

Port wines also make great cooking wines. So wear your chef’s hat and whip up recipes like orange and Port red cabbage or a tatin of shallots with Port to please a crowd.

If you’re a fan of red wine, we’ve also got Shiraz, Merlot and Pinot Noir to add to your collection. Shiraz is sweeter in nature whilst others are semi-sweet.


Another extremely popular dessert wine is the Sherry. Bringing Spanish warmth to the table, Sherry wines have a refreshing taste that goes well with seafood like smoked fish, antipasti like olives, roasted peppers, artichokes and of course, tapas. Although sweet in taste, dry Sherry wines are a firm favourite with many. Try your hands at our mushrooms with shallots and Sherry recipe for added depth.