Rice & corn cakes

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Check out our range of rice and corn cakes. From lightly salted and dark chocolate rice snacks to blueberry and vanilla corn cakes, we’ve got a range of flavours to explore. Light and crispy, they’re a great alternative to crackers or biccies. Pick up these healthy rice snacks whenever you’re craving a crunch.  

Enjoy plain rice snacks or top with your choice of chutney, spreads, pickles and sliced fruits or veggies. Take your pick from mango chutney, sweet piccalilli, chilli jam and more. Or spread on some creamy houmous or guacamole and top with salsa for a tangy twist. We also have an exciting mix of dips like tzatziki, tex-mex and roasted garlic aioli to take your snacks up a notch. 

Fancy a sweet and savoury treat? Try salted corn cakes with a dollop of peanut butter drizzled with honey or chocolate syrup. Add some pomegranate or berries for a burst of flavour. And if you’re feeling inspired, have a go at our quick and healthy recipes.  

We also have a wide selection of low-calorie snacks, so you can fuel up whilst keeping an eye on calories. Choose from cereal bars, crisps, popcorn, fruit yoyos and breadsticks. And check out our ready-to-eat fruit section for a variety of seasonal and tropical fruits you can enjoy right out of the pot.