Chinese cooking kits & sauces

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Craving a Chinese? We can help. Our range of Chinese cooking sauces and meal kits come with most of the tricky ingredients like sauces and spices included and pre-mixed. All you’ll have to do is settle on what meat and fish you want, add some fresh vegetables and serve with noodles or rice.

If you’re feeling ambitious and fancy cooking up a Chinese feast from scratch, you’ll need to stock up on herbs, spices and seasoning. Stuck for ideas? You’ll find dozens of mouth-watering Chinese recipes right here.

And if all of that sounds a bit too much like hard work, head on over to our Chinese and Asian ready meals section where you’ll find chicken chow mein, crispy Peking duck and vegetable spring rolls. All are delicious and can go from in the fridge to ready to eat in mere minutes.

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