Melon & mango

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Dig into the juicy goodness of our mangoes and melons. From watermelons and cantaloupes to ripe mangoes, each variety is sure to deliver a burst of flavour that's both refreshing and sweet. 

Our range of melons 

Take your tastebuds on a trip to a tropical paradise with our melons. Indulge in the sweet notes of a honeydew melon or pair watermelon with some feta cheese for a delicious summer treat. Want to do more with melons? We’ve got lots of unique melon recipes that span from simple fruit salads to sophisticated fruit platters and more.  

If you’re looking for something different, check out our choice of fresh fruits and fruit juice. Whether you want to sip on some sparkling apple or grape juice or want some berries to top off your yogurt, we’ve got a wide selection that blends taste and texture.  

Juicy and sweet mangoes 

The tangy yet sweet profile of mangoes and their versatility make them a firm favourite among many. Start off your day with a ripe mango smoothie or blend them into your fruit smoothies for a lush drink that’ll get you set up for the day. Or if you’re after looking for something lighter, we’ve got mango juice too that you can sip on the go.  

Too many mangoes on hand? Make the most out of these tropical fruits with our mango recipes. Their natural sweetness makes them an ideal ingredient for lots of dishes. Take your curry nights to the next level by whipping up a creamy glass of mango lassi or go for a tangy chicken mango salad to try out something unique. Whatever you go for, our mangoes will add an exotic twist to your meals.