Fresh fruit

Pick up your favourites from our range of products. Top up your trolley and check out the rest of our fruit and vegetables range too. Book your collection or delivery slot today.

Nature provides many of the sweetest, most delicious treats. Take a look at our collection of fresh fruit for a snack that’s natural and delectable. From the sweet orbs of grapes to the acidic bite of a lemon. The crispy crunch of an apple and the delightful juiciness of a pear. Beautiful and fresh from Mother Nature. 

We have other fresh foodstuffs for you to try as well. Check out our fresh carrots for a snap that will sate your hunger. Or swap out those grapes for some peas for an earthier, greener snack. Chop up your fruit and veg on our chopping boards to protect your worksurfaces and enjoy the taste of nature. 

And try some fruit on top of a bowl of ice cream for a combination of summer and winter that will blow your tastebuds away. Or throw some on top of your wheat biscuit cereal for a more exciting breakfast. And we’ve got enough fruit for you to be able to have a different meal every day. 

And while many fruits, such as bananas and apples, are easy to carry around and eat when you feel like it, there are some that require some help. Kiwis, for example, generally taste better after cutting off the furry outside. Prep them at home and carry some slices in a food container for a refreshing bite of happiness.