Tableware, napkins & table covers

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Your table has quite likely seen some battles over the years. Who can forget the spaghetti incident, where your little cousin threw an entire Bolognese across your newly polished tabletop? Or the pounding spoons of the toddlers, when they wanted the ice cream tubs brought out early? Or even that time that the, and it’s difficult to say this without crying, but when the entire bottle of milk was spilt? 

Well, our range of tableware, napkins and table covers could help defend your table from further battles. Napkins can also be used to help protect you and your guests from spillages of wine. And the table covers can add to an aesthetic, be it a birthday or a fancy date night. 

And for carrying food from the oven to the table, it might be worth looking into our kitchen towels and oven gloves. We also offer a range of gadgets and utensils so that you can make a variety of meals easier and more successfully. From cheese graters to sieves, a number of tasks can be made easier with the right gadget. 

But, if you table, or anything else for that matter, does experience a battle that’s too tough, then we also offer cleaning products. So that it’s easy to clean up after the curry catastrophe.