Laundry stain removal

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Tired of stubborn stains ruining your favourite clothes? Look no further! Our laundry stain removal products will breathe new life into your garments, making laundry day a breeze. 

Say goodbye to tough stains with our wide range of stain removers and whiteners. From food stains to coffee spills, our powerful formulas will tackle even the most challenging marks, leaving your clothes looking fresh and clean. 

Enhance your laundry routine with our laundry aids and accessories. Protect your delicate items using mesh bags, or infuse your clothes with a delightful scent using fabric refresheners. We have the tools to make laundry a fun and enjoyable task. 

For the best results, pair stain removers and laundry aids with washing powder and liquids. Our products are specially formulated to give you an exceptional clean while preserving the colour and texture of your clothes. 

But it doesn't end there. Elevate your washing game with our fabric conditioner and fabric fresheners. Soften your fabrics and enjoy a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance with every wear. And the best part? Take advantage of our special offers and promotions to get the most out of your laundry care routine.  

At Sainsbury’s we make laundry day a delightful experience!