Burgers, meatballs & sausages

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Does the smell of cooking beef make your mouth water? If so, you should look at our selection of beef burgers, meatballs and sausages. Fire up the grill, throw them on, and let the tantalising smell invade your nostrils. Was that your stomach rumbling? 

But what are you going to eat your meaty meal with? Well, you could go the classic route and have a burger in a bread roll. It’s a classic for a reason, after all. Or you could swap the burger for a meatball, and then have some sausage on your pasta. Traditions are out the window when the food tastes this good. 

And if you don’t fancy beef, then don’t worry, we’ve got more options. Our selection of lamb for frying and grilling includes steaks, mince and chops so that you can find the option that works for you. We also have chicken burgers, mince, and meatballs, if you prefer poultry or just fancy something a little different. 

What grilling session or fry up would be complete without some bacon? If your mouth wasn’t watering already, there’s a good chance it will now. 

Unless you prefer meat-free that is. In which case, explore our meat-free range to find both vegetarian and vegan options — make sure to read the label to find out which are which.