Bread rolls

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Bread rolls have been a staple at dinner tables across Britain for yonks and with good reason. Their crisp crust and soft centre make them the perfect companion to any meal. Balance out the flavours of your feasts or stuff them with your favourite fillings, bread rolls can do it all. From white rolls and bread buns to mini bread rolls and soft baps for your breakfasts and brunches, we have whatever you’re looking for. 

Want something light for your breakfasts? Grab one of our morning rolls and some spreadable butter to start your day on a bright note. Add a crunchy spin to it by swapping it with crusty or seeded rolls. And if you fancy baking your own bread, have a look at our easy bread for beginners page.  

We’ve also got you covered with all the bread mixes like yeasts and flours to turn your kitchen into a bakery. After you’re done baking, treat yourself to some deli-style sandwich. We have everything from cheese and onion to chicken and sweetcorn Deli fillers in our range of sandwich fillers.  

For a wholesome delight, throw together cooked meats and some sliced cheese. Or how about serving up fresh soup with your choice of rolls? And if you’d rather go for something classic, you can’t wrong with one of our bagels.  

Want to treat your little ones to something wholesome? Try your hand at making some animal bread rolls with them. They can be customised to look like your kid’s favourite animals and will surely make their meals more memorable.