Sliced & grated cheese

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Whip up meals in minutes with our sliced and grated cheese. From creamy, melted cheddar in a toastie to mozzarella and parmesan, we've got it all sliced up, grated and ready to go.  

A good cheese can elevate your meals. Imagine pulling a hot, bubbling pizza out of the oven or an evening with crackers and our sliced cheeses–it’s all about savouring the small delights. 

For a quick cheese sauce, grab some milk and melt in grated cheese over a pan for a creamy dip to go with your crisps. If you want to add texture to soups, melt shredded cheddar for a velvety delight. 

From adding flavour to sandwiches or creating a rich, cheesy layer in lasagne, our sliced and grated cheeses are great for speeding up meal prep. Or if you’re in the mood for something smoky, we’ve got a variety of sliced cheese that’ll melt beautifully on beef burgers.  

Rustle up classic meals in a snap with our selection of cheese. Grab cheddar for a hearty bowl of macaroni cheese with bacon or switch it up by throwing some gouda into the mix. Or, try a cheese toastie with cranberry sauce. And if you’re looking for a plant-based alternative, we’ve stocked up on vegan cheese too.