Cooked meats

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There are many types of cooked meats to choose from. Slices of ham, roast chicken breast, smoked salmon, and salami. Just thinking about it might be enough to get your mouth watering. And your neurons firing as you consider your options. 

Do you fancy a sandwich? Combine some white bread with some beef slices for a savoury treat that will almost certainly put a smile on your face. Or spread some butter on some seeded and grain bread, and pile on a mix of smoked ham and pepperoni for a burst of meaty flavour.  

Or you could create a charcuterie board using some salamis and pates, combined with some flavoured cheese. These cheeses include smoked and herby options, and these can be mixed with the meats for a board that will entertain and delight. Enjoy a glass of wine to cut through these foods and add to the rainbow of flavours dancing over your tastebuds. As always, remember to drink in moderation. 

Or you can use some of our meats to speed up your cooking progress. If you want a rice dish, then take a look at our cooked chicken. This will need re-cooking, but won’t need as much preparing, saving you time. And, more importantly, it speeds up the time between planning your meal and eating it.