Salmon, tuna & trout

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Enjoy the taste of the nature’s bounty with our range of salmon, tuna and trout fish. From light and refreshing lunches to hearty dinners, they’re an excellent choice to whip up any meal of the day. And their versatility makes it easy to switch up your cooking style and experiment with different recipes.  

Our selection of fresh salmon is a real catch, whether you want a whole salmon or ready-to-cook salmon fillets. Add a squeeze of lemon to take its flavours up a notch and serve it over fluffy brown rice with a drizzle of your favourite sauce. If you're looking to add some greens to your diet, pair your tender salmon dish with a side of spinach or peas. There’s smoked salmon too, which goes great with cream cheese and dill.

Want to mix things up? Whip up our easy salmon wellington recipe—a heavenly mix of flaky pastry and succulent salmon. Or try something a little different like our sweet crusted tuna carpaccio recipe. If you love a bit of a kick, our sticky trout recipe is a must-try. This sweet and tangy dish is an absolute winner with juicy, tender trout coated in hoisin and garlic stir-fry sauce. 

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