7+ years senior dry cat food

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Your cat deserves to be treated royally throughout their life. And when they’ve reached their golden years, it’s time to move on to some specialist senior food. Our 7+ years senior dry cat food range is a good place to start. It includes various flavours such as poultry and veg so that your feline can have the taste they desire. 

Your cat never loses their majesty throughout their life, they simply require different foods to satisfy them. That’s why we provide food specially formulated for your cat throughout the different stages of their life, from kitten to adult and beyond. And for those cats who need a little extra pampering, we offer our luxury cat food. Containing some of the finest ingredients, it will have your cat's feline fine. 

And when your cat is purr-ticularly good, we have some cat treats and milk for them. A bow or curtsey when giving it to them is optional but encouraged. 

We haven’t forgotten about your canine companions either. Our dog and puppy range aims to provide everything that your furry friend might need. From biscuits to food, grooming to poop disposal, this range will allow you to look after your dog’s desires. 

And our pet toys range provides entertainment for both cats and dogs. And, let’s be honest, humans as well.