Pet toys

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Woof! Meow! Hurray!  

That was the sound of three very excited creatures playing with the pet toys they bought from us. One is an excited ball of fur that simply can’t help wagging its tail. Another is slightly more shy, but very much wants to catch the fake mouse that’s being thrown across the room. The last one? Well, that’s you, who’s enjoying playing with their pets so much, that your smile is wider than a river. 

From cuddly toys and squeaky toys to tennis balls and tug toys, we have something for almost any pet. Of course, even the most playful pet will need items other than toys. So, look at our cat care and accessories, as well as our dog care and accessories. Deal with issues like poop and wellbeing, as well as storing your brand-new toys. And for animals other than cats and dogs, check out our other animals ranges. 

Humans deserve toys just as much as pets, so we’ve tried to help out there as well. Our games and puzzles range should have something for almost anyone and should get you wagging your hypothetical tail. And if you want to play with your dog outside, explore our outdoor toys and garden games to find something you both can enjoy. Cats are often a bit more picky, so it might just be best to make them a crown out of arts and crafts, to celebrate them as the royalty they are. 

After all, a happy pet is a happy pet parent. Or pet owner if you’re not quite ready to say the p-word yet.