Olives, antipasti, tapas & mezze

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Looking for some Mediterranean goodness? 

Well you're in the right place. Our delicious selection of olives, antipasti, tapas and mezze are ready to enjoy without any prep hassle. 

Whether you’re adding some olives to a salad, creating a starter or a side dish, our dedicated range in this section is handy for impromptu gatherings, buffets, or leisurely picnics. 

Making your own lunch, and for the family too? Stocking up on those food containers, a lunch box, or lunch bag seems like a good shout, and water bottles too. Super handy for that picnic as well! 

Tapas and mezze and great for sharing or enjoying on your own. We’ve got meat and vegetarian options in this section to suit every palate. But you might want to head on over to our dairy-free, vegan, or plant-based sections for an even wider range to suit everyone. 

And for hosting those buffets and picnics, you might want to save yourself the hassle of cleaning up and washing those containers. How about using disposable cutlery instead which you can easily pop into the bin bag?  

And when you’re done, don’t forget to hydrate with your favourite cold or warm beverage. After all, keeping yourself nourished with tasty food and drink is key to looking after yourself.