Probiotic & active health yogurt

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If you’re after a snack that is healthy and tasty, look no further than our range of probiotic yogurt. Boost your gut health with these creamy treats available in a wide variety of flavours such as strawberry, blueberry and more.  

Like your yogurts with a tang? Pick up some live yogurt and let the good bacteria work its magic. To aid and ease digestion, we’ve got gut health yogurt too. Make sure to grab a multipack yogurt of your choice and enjoy these nourishing treats, whenever. If you’re after something probiotic to help gear up your gut, check out our selection of kombucha and juice shots

Start your day on a brighter note by whipping up some Kefir breakfast pancakes. Fluffy and enriched with probiotic goodness, they’re sure to add a healthy twist to your morning routine. For your desserts, how about trying your hand at our cheat’s cherry cheesecake recipe for a gut-friendly yet decadent delight?  

To enrich your diet even further, multi vitamins are a great way to quickly get that extra dose of nutrition. And to strengthen your immune system, we’ve also got immune system supplements to make it easier for your body to fight diseases.