Desserts for two

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Hey, congratulations! You’ve got a date/catch up/friendly get together/celebration with one other person! You’ve got your best clothes/loungewear/costume and you’ve tidied up (probably using some of our cleaning products). But what are you going to have for dessert? Well, thankfully we’ve got our range of desserts for two so that you and your date/friend/co-worker/stranger can enjoy a specifically portioned treat! 

Hang on, what are you going to eat for dinner? There’s not much time left to cook! It’s a good thing you picked up one of ready meals for two. Give your past self a high-five!  

Now, what to drink? Well, this might be a great opportunity to break out some fine wine. But remember to only drink alcohol in moderation. Or you could just go for some low and no alcohol wine. It tastes just as good, only without the alcohol. 

Okay, you’re almost ready. Do you have any flowers? They could really help enhance this celebration. Look at our range of fresh flower and plants to brighten up the room. And, of course, if you’re planning on giving a present to this other person, our cards and gifting range would be the place to visit.  

Right, you’re ready. Enjoy!