Orange juice

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Orange juice. The thirst quencher. 

Imagine a hot summer’s day. The sun is beating down on you. You are lounging outside as the birds tweet their business to each other amongst the trees. You can smell freshly cut grass, warm dirt and, most importantly, the sun cream you generously applied to yourself.  

You realise then, just as you open your eyes to see a cloudless sky, that you’re thirsty. You stand up and go inside your house. You’re excited as you open the fridge and see the new carton of juice, chilled and ready to drink. You pour some into a glass that you picked up from our glassware range. Then you open a bag of ice and drop a few cubes into the glass. They make a satisfying clink, clink, bzzz sound as they hit the juice. You take a sip, and smile. 

But before you go back outside into the sun’s embrace, you pick up a couple more supplies. The juice has gotten you in the mood for some citrus fruit, so you pick up a grapefruit to snack on. And then, because you feel like you need to cool down more, you go back into the freezer and take out a handheld ice cream. Newly prepped, you head back outside. 

Now the only thing sweeter than your day is the dessert you’re planning for the evening.