Independently certified seafood

We are the number one UK supermarket for responsible fish sourcing! At Sainsbury's, we have always been passionate about sourcing responsibly. All our seafood is 100% responsibly sourced, with many products carrying an independent assurance label from the Aquaculture or Marine Stewardship Council, which is why we are the ASC and MSC UK Supermarket of the Year 2023!

Do you like to eat seafood? Do you also want to help make sure that future generations can enjoy eating seafood? Then take a look at our range of sustainable seafood to choose options that won’t unreasonably damage the ecosystem. Taste both the deliciousness of fish and the sweetness of knowing you’re helping look after our oceans. 

Of course, if you want to go further in helping the environment, a vegan diet can be a good place to start. Much of our vegan food should cause less environmental damage than eating meat and can be just as tasty. Our vegan drinks also include many delicious alternatives such as soy milk and squash. 

And helping the environment can be part of your other routines as well. That’s why we offer a range of ecofriendly cleaning products so that you can keep the planet clean while cleaning your home. 

Our meat and fish essentials page is your one-stop shop for the necessities so that you can be confident that you can pick up what you need when you need it. And our fruit and veg essentials can help you finish off many meals with ease. 

Whatever you go for, you’ll probably need some products to help you eat and drink. So check out our dinnerware range to find the tools you’ll need to have a lovely meal.