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Sip on the taste of Spain with our medium-bodied Rioja wine. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or enjoy a good glass of red wine, Rioja is an excellent choice for any occasion. Its bold and complex flavours go well with everything from cured meats and pork to hamburgers and pasta. You can also pair it with spicy chorizo or enjoy with your favourite continental meats

You can't go wrong with merlot if you want something that's easy to drink. Its velvety texture and low tannic makes it a popular choice among wine lovers around the world. But if you're after a dry and full-bodied wine, treat yourself to a good bottle of malbec. Fan of spicy wine? Check out our selection of shiraz, boasting a bold flavour profile with notes of black pepper and tobacco.  

For a wine that’s both fancy and classy, try pinot noir. Its soft tannins and delicate taste make it the perfect accompaniment to hearty meat dishes such as grilled salmon, chicken and lamb. Sip on with a light pasta dish for a cosy evening in. Or pop it open when you have friends and family over. Raise your wine glasses, toast and have a good time.