Fresh pasta

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Set yourself up for an Italian night with a bowl of fresh pasta. Whether it’s a simple family dinner or a grand spread, we've got everything you’d need to whip up your favourites. 

For a tender yet firm texture, fusilli is a great choice.  Whether you’re going for the fresh notes of pesto or want to treat yourself to a tangy arrabbiata, fusilli will fit in just right.  And to hold the taste of those rich sauces, grab some egg fusilli to take it to the next level. For comforting meals, penne pasta with its ridges is also a solid pick. Go for a filling bowl of Bolognese or whip up some alfredo sauce for a creamy delight.  

From macaroni for a classic bowl of mac and cheese to ravioli for a hearty pasta parcel, each option is sure to go down a treat. For those who fancy a full spread, nothing beats the classic combo of pizza, pasta and garlic bread. And for a lighter touch, a crisp salad bowl with your pasta creates a balance of textures and flavours. 

Pairing fresh pasta with the right drink can take your meals to new heights. A glass of merlot, with its deep fruity notes, complements the earthy tones of a well-seasoned pasta dish.