Gluten-free crisps & snacks

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Finding tasty gluten-free snacks can be a bit of a faff. But fret not—we've got a cracking selection of gluten-free crisps and snacks to tickle your taste buds.

Whether you're after something crunchy, chewy or crumbly, our range has got you covered. Our range is excellent for anyone who's steering clear of gluten but still wants to enjoy a good munch.

Having friends over? Grab sharing crisps so you have plenty to go around. You'll also find multipack crisps for on-the-go snacking. Or grab rice cakes when you're in the mood for something light and crispy.

And we have gluten-free dips for enjoying with your favourite snacks. From zesty flavours to rich, creamy textures, there's something for everyone. Choose from houmous, guacamole, salsa and more.

Check out free-from goodies if you're steering clear of some ingredients. Our gluten-free snacking options make it easy to indulge without any fuss. So go on, treat yourself to some delightful nibbles that are tasty and help cater for everybody.