Bacon & sausages

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Can you smell that? It’s a smell that can conjure hunger even the most asleep mind. A smell that breaks into dreams and draws you out of bed. A smell that leads to a taste that all but guarantees a terrific start to your day. We are, of course, talking about a fry up and at the centre of this are breakfast royalty — bacon and sausages. 

Or what about a bacon sandwich? Grab some white bread, spread a generous amount of butter on it, then throw in a couple of rashers of gorgeously crisp and fatty deliciousness. Enjoy as the butter runs down your chin after melting when in contact with the hot bacon. 

And if you don’t fancy bacon, why not take a look at our pork and gammon for frying and grilling? It’ll work just as well with a fried egg. Or, going back to the sandwiches, you could try some pre-cooked ham with any of the foodstuffs already mentioned. Go ham on the ham. 

And do you know what goes well with a fry up? Hashbrowns. Delightfully fluffy, yet crispy, blocks of potato, brilliant for mopping up any leftover butter or sauces. 

Now, if you’ll excuse us, our fry up is ready.