Protein bars & drinks

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Protein Bars

Get your daily dose of protein on the go with our range of protein bars. Packed with the goodness of nuts and fruits, they come in a variety of flavours like chocolate and caramel to give you that extra boost without compromising on taste.  

If you’d rather go for a natural alternative, eggs are also full of protein and can be used to whip up a variety of treats. Whisk some to have some fresh omelettes or boil them for a quick and power packed snack. Or if you want to take it a step further, grab some eggs and try out our easy frittata recipe for a wholesome and healthy treat.  

When it comes to fish and seafood, we’ve got everything from tuna for your sandwiches to salmon for your barbecue parties. Whether you’re looking for fresh cods or prawns, you’ll find everything you need for your daily protein needs.


Protein Drinks

If you don’t fancy munching bars for protein, how about getting your fix by sipping on some drinks? We’ve got a great range of protein drinks in flavours like strawberry, chocolate and more to give you that extra burst of nutrients. Want to make your own whenever you want? We’ve got a wide variety of protein powders too. All you need is a good protein shaker and you’re good to go.  
When it comes to loading up on protein, protein bars and drinks are convenient, but they can’t beat the nutritional value a well-cooked meal can offer. Power packed recipes like our beef stew with a horseradish twist are just what you need to get going. But if you’d rather go for something more convenient, you could always grab one of our meal replacements shakes for proper nutrition on the move.