Baby oil, creams & lotions

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Splashes of joy, giggles of laughter, and a never-ending fascination with bubbles creates unforgettable memories. Bath time is truly a powerful bonding time with your little one. 

Ensure your baby's delicate skin remains soft, nourished, and always protected after bath time with our extensive baby creams, lotions and oils range. From soothing and calming creams, to and gentle body oils, and a selection of brands to choose from, these baby-friendly products are bound to keep your little one clean and hydrated. 

And when bath time is over, we’ve got those essential nappies to offer comfort and dryness, and gentle baby wipes to ensure cleanliness on-the-go.  

To help keep your little relaxed and calm, check out our teethers & soothers and you can check your baby’s temperature through a thermometer from our home safety section.  

Babies love to sleep so creating a comforting environment is key through having the right lighting, a lamp or a nightlight. 

Crafting a zen-like atmosphere for you and your little one is easy through our stylish homeware selection Habitat. You can choose a soothing scent from our range of diffusers and candles. Let us help nurture your precious bundle with the care they deserve.