Body scrub

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With a range of exfoliates and scrubs, Sainsbury’s has a product to help elevate most people’s bath and shower routines. 

After all, there’s almost nothing better than stepping out of the shower. You skin is clean, your hair is soft and smooth, and your face is cleansed. You’ve got the scent of… is that mint? Or coconut? Or perhaps passion fruit?  


Well, one thing that’s better is stepping out of the shower after you’ve exfoliated and scrubbed your skin. The feeling of true cleanliness, without any of that pesky dry skin, is one to be savoured. And from salt scrubs to exfoliating mitts, we’ve got what you need to get that feeling. 

And if you’re fresh skin finds your clothes to be too rough, check out our fabric softeners to help soften them up. And remember to look after your skin in your day to day. We provide sun cream for protection from the sun’s rays. And after sun for helping to repair any damage done. 

We also offer delicate facial wash for cleansing your face. These are less harsh on the more sensitive skin on your face. And if you want to complete your bathroom routine, then look at our hair care and nail tools and accessories, making sure every part of your body receives the care it deserves. to look after the rest of your body.