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Cheese. It’s one life’s little treats. And that’s regardless of what type you prefer. You might prefer a classic slice of Cheddar. Or perhaps a spoonful of the soft and spreadable dairy treat or a bite of mozzarella. You could even go for some stinky Stilton, or something that’s been given a smoky flavour. Delicious. 

Remember to pick up some graters and slicers, so that you can cut your cheesy treats down to size. And try out some other foods that can be enhanced by a slice or pile of dairy deliciousness. Many of our chilled pasta options appreciate some grated Cheddar. And some feta scooped up by a cracker is an after-dinner delight that should make your guests talk about your dinner for weeks to come. 

Or try some burgers with Red Leicester for a meaty meal that’s embraced by a smooth richness. Either use some of our bread rolls as burger buns or just put some Wensleydale between the bread for a gorgeously creamy and crumbly sandwich. 

And, of course, these sandwiches can be a great lunch. Throw a couple in one of our lunch boxes for a midday snack that should give you the boost to get through the rest of your day. Or just have some slices or dunking pots for a snack. Now that’s a gouda plan.