Multipack yogurt

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Multipack yogurt is a comforting choice for anyone who loves variety. Whether you're after a quick brekkie, a mid-morning snack or something to tide you over till teatime, these little pots of joy have got you covered. Available in fruity and zesty flavours and boasting creamy, rich textures, we have something for everyone.

Multipack yogurt is a versatile addition to your fridge. From breakfast to dinner, yogurt can be paired with sweet and savoury foods. Enjoy it with granola and fruit. Or use it to marinate chicken and thicken curries. The creamy texture and rich flavours make yogurt an excellent base for all sorts of meals.

If you want to mix things up, blend yogurt and your choice of frozen berries to whip up a chilled glass of lassi. Or enjoy refreshing fruit smoothies in tropical flavours with pineapple, banana & coconut smoothies. For something exotic, go for a mango, passionfruit & apple smoothie.

Sometimes, it can be tricky to pack kids’ lunchbox. But our selection of multipack yogurt and lunchbox drinks make it a doddle, offering a refreshing, creamy treat that kids will love. Choose from kids' juice drinks, fruit slurps, squash and more.

We also have a brilliant range of lunchbox snacks, including cheese crackers, salted peanuts and rice cakes. So, enjoy quick pick-me-ups when you're feeling peckish. Or grab a tub of soup for a light, satisfying meal. With our special offers, stock up on savoury snacks like kimchi, scotch eggs, sausage rolls and more.