Natural, organic & greek yogurt

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Dive into our refreshing range of natural and organic Greek yogurt. Probiotic and creamy, they’re just what you need to add some freshness to your meals. Whether you’re looking to add sweetness to your brunches or want to whip up some dips and curries with a full-fat Greek yogurt, you’ll find everything you’re after.  

Want a healthy snack for your kids? Flavoured Greek yogurts are a great alternative to ice creams—and you’ll find some fruity options from peach to strawberry and more in our range of kids yogurts. If you want to keep it simple, we’ve got plain Greek yogurt too. Have it on the go by getting a single yogurt pots or grab one of our multipack yogurts to make sure you never run out of these wholesome treats. We’ve also got probiotics drinks too for much needed gut support

When it comes to rustling up those delicious recipes, yogurt can be a great ingredient. Want to add a refreshing spin to your staples? Add some fresh herbs or garlic to organic yogurt and you’ll have a fresh dip for your chips, wings and more. Or if you’d rather have something more filling, try out our chicken and chickpea curry to set yourself up for a zesty and creamy spread. To top it all off, finish it with a side of orange yogurt cake for a sweet and tangy aftertaste. Just make sure to get a big pot yogurt ready for all your needs.