Sausage rolls

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Looking for a ready-to-eat meal for those early morning rush hours? Look no further than our range of sausage rolls. With a flaky puff pastry outside and seasoned meat filling inside, they’re a perfect on-the-go snack. We’ve got jumbo options meal for a single person as well as mini sausage rolls that you can share with your friends and peers. Why not have a look at our selection of lunch bags to pack your rolls and other items?  

As they can be savoured hot or cold, sausage rolls are a hit for picnic meal preps. Try something different with our vegan sausage rolls to add more variety. Serve them with ketchup and chutney to add a burst of flavours. Add some crunch to your picnic platter with our selection of coleslaw and other salad bowl options.  

Or if you’re somebody who likes to cook special snacks for picnics, then go to our recipes section to help you rustle up some quick and tasty treats. If you think pizza can’t be enjoyed cold, try our veggie picnic pizza recipe for a delightful surprise–it’ll have everyone asking for more. And our pimm’s cupcakes recipe is sure to bring a sweet end to your picnic lunch. Add fresh fruits of your choice as toppings for a refreshing and juicy treat everyone will love.