Hard seltzer

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Kick back and savour the sparkling notes of our seltzers. Available in a wide variety of flavours like mango and raspberry, crack open a can of our seltzer drinks to unwind on those sunny days.

Hard seltzer is sparkling water with a hint of alcohol, making it a great choice for when you're in the mood for something light. If you'd rather go for something crisp, you can count on our selection of cider. We've got a wide range of beer too. Whether you fancy craft beers or a can of lager, we have you covered with most of your favourite brews.

Want to stir up some stunning cocktails? Take your shaker out for a spin and try out our limoncello and watermelon sparkling cocktail for a refreshing tropical delight. For something simpler, grab some orange soda and go for vodka and soda. Grab some straws and pop in some ice cubes for an easy summer cocktail for your sundowners.

Prepping cocktails can be a chore-so skip the hassle altogether with our pre-mixed cocktails and alcoholic water. If you're after something non-carbonated, we've also got a great selection of small wine bottles as well as flavoured water you can mix your spirits with.