Flavoured & vitamin water

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Let’s be honest, sometimes water simply doesn’t taste of much. And that’s where our range of flavoured water comes in. In its simplest form, it’s just water with some added flavour. These can be natural flavourings or artificial and can also introduce more vitamins to the drink. They also come in both sparkling and still variations. 

Of course, if you want your water to move even further towards the flavoured side, then you could try squash. Simply dilute some of it with water to create a fruity and watery drink of deliciousness. Or if you prefer a bit of a bubbly kick to your drink, then take a look at our fruity soft drinks range. 

Then there’s the question of alcohol. Our selection of ciders offers a variety of fruity flavours. And, as always, drink in moderation and read the label. Or try our no alcohol selection for drinks based off alcoholic drinks, only without the alcohol. What a wonder the modern age is! 

Just make sure you pick up a glass from our glassware range. Of course, if you want to drink from the bottle or can, that’s fine too, but sometimes a glass is required, be it for social or flavour reasons. It also helps with getting the ice cubes in.