Still water

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Sometimes simple is best. A plain piece of buttered toast. A clear blue sky. Vanilla ice cream. A nice bottle of crisp still water. If you want to go a bit more adventurous, then you could go for some flavouring for your water, such as lemon or strawberry. But, as always, that’s up to you. 

Then there are the things you can do with still water. Maybe you’re going camping, and you still want a cup of coffee. Bring a bottle of water with your camping stove and instant coffee and start your morning with a kick.  

Or if it’s warm outside, take a look at our range of ice. Cool off and stay hydrated. The best of both worlds. And if the water isn’t quite exciting enough, you can always add some squash to add the flavour of your preference. Delicious and refreshing. 

And if you don’t want to drink the water out of the bottle, why not buy some glassware? From glasses and jugs to pitchers and tumblers, there will be something for almost any occasion. And if you fancy something a little more alcoholic, check out our range of wines

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