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One nibble and you’ll be hooked. Crunch, munch and enjoy snack time with our selection of popcorn, available in a range of flavours including toffee, sweet and salty popcorn. For those who love experimenting with seasonings and spices, we’ve got plain popcorn and unsalted popcorn.

If you're into making fresh popcorn at home, check out our selection of popping corn and microwave popcorn. And try your hand at our spiced cheesy popcorn and peacan maple popcorn recipes for a unique and flavourful twist.

Why stop at popcorn? Enhance your snacking experience with cold beer and crispy nachos topped with salsas and grated hard cheese. Or ready a spread of rice cakes, flavoured crackers, and breadsticks. Invite your friends over and munch away while you enjoy movie night, game day or a chill hangout.