Fusilli & spiral

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For a taste of Italy tonight, head to our pasta range and whip up your favourite dish. From a creamy carbonara to the classic spag bol, the family are in for a dinner time treat. Fusilli and spiral pastas are excellent at holding all of the flavours of the sauce they’re paired with in every mouthful. 

If all that has got you feeling too hungry to wait around, head to our instant snack and meals range where you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings in no time. From speedy pasta snacks like an instant mac and cheese, to flavoursome noodle pots that just need water, there’s so many options for you to explore 

Finish of your mealtime with a sweet treat from our delicious selection of desserts. Check out our range of desserts to share and keep the whole family happy. Or if you’re just looking to treat yourself then our collection of desserts for one is perfect for you. From indulgent chocolate treats to fruity trifles, you’re sure to find whatever it is you’ve been craving.