Brown sauce

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Good morning! Even if it’s not morning, we hope yours was good. Regardless, imagine waking up and smelling the oh-so-enticing smells of a fry up. The grease. The crackling sounds. Popping, sizzling, crunching. Then imagine adding a generous amount of brown sauce — the tartness complementing the fatty, salty taste of the breakfast brilliantly. 

What do you have in your fry up? Crispy bacon that wakes up the carnivore in you, and — be careful of the spitting oil — is utterly delicious. Add some sausages to the pan and cook up a storm!  

But a fry up isn’t all about the meat. After all, hashbrowns exist. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, it’s like eating a cloud. If the cloud was potato-based and brilliant at soaking up any leftover sauce that is. 

Speaking of soaking up the leftovers, what about some bread? You could enjoy a white bread bacon and sausage sandwich — the plainness of the bread working wonders at stopping the meats from being overpowering. Particularly useful if you’ve not quite woken up yet. Add some butter and experience the joy of it melting at the touch of the hot parts of your meal. Delightful. 

And how are you going to round this all off, and get your day started with joy? One way is with a good, simple mug of tea

Good morning, indeed.