Onion rings

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Ah, onion rings, a hero of the side dish world. Delightfully crispy, with a sound that harkens back to a pub lunch. An oniony taste that complements rather than overpowers the taste of the main dish. And a shape that, quite simply, not enough food comes in. Why should we settle for our food being anything other than geometric shapes? Imagine a triangle-shaped steak… oh, hang on, that’s why. Still, the ring works well! 

And speaking of beef steak, that’s one of the meals that works fantastically with this humble side. First cook up your steak to the rareness you desire. Perhaps fry it in some butter to enhance the beautiful fatty taste? Then season it with salt and pepper, throw together some chips and rings, and you’ve got yourself a meal worth celebrating. 

You could even add some fresh vegetables for a bit of variety of colour and taste. Why not try roasting some carrots, peppers, and courgette for a deliciously colourful side?  

Just make sure that you’ve got the right cutlery for the job. A steak is quite difficult to eat with a spoon, after all. 

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