Beef steak

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Get your grill sizzling with a juicy steak from Sainsbury’s. Whether you fancy rump, picanha or fillet steak, we have them available in different cuts, shapes, and sizes. Go with boneless sirloin if you love a bold, beefy flavour. Or pick up the famous ribeye steak to enjoy its rich marbling and juiciness. 

Take your steak to the next level with our selection of BBQ sauce. Enjoy it with a side of refreshing salad, crispy onion rings or thin chips for a wholesome meal. The tangy sweetness of the sauce will complement its rich flavour, while sides will add a satisfying crunch.  

Try your hand at our steak and brown rice salad recipe for something that’s fresh and filling. And if you enjoy zesty and tangy flavours, serve up our simple steak with Chimichurri sauce at your next steak night.