Coleslaw and salad pots

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Whether you’re kicking off a meal with it or enjoying one for a light lunch, there’s nothing better than a crisp salad with your favourite ingredients. In our coleslaw and salad pots section you’ll find classic leafy salads, creamy coleslaws and exotic creations like sweet chilli noodle salads and four bean salads. Haven’t found anything that takes your fancy? You probably will in our ready to eat salad section 

If you like it best a certain way and want to make your own, pick up your leaf of choice from our spinach, greens and kale section, sprinkle in a few of your favourite fresh vegetables, drizzle a little dressing over it and sprinkle some crunchy croutons on the side. Oh, and a top tip to improve any salad, slice up an avocado for some creamy goodness. 

Feeling inspired to try something out of the ordinary? Head over to our salad recipes page where we’ve got dozens of delicious ideas. From a hearty Waldorf salad to chicken and mango salad with toasted coconut, there’s a world of possibilities. And if you want to take a shortcut, our prepared vegetables come washed, sliced and diced and ready to eat.