Exotic vegetables

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Treat your tastebuds to delicacies from around the world with our selection of exotic vegetables. From spicy chillies to plump aubergines and sweet potatoes for baking, we’ve got everything you need to whip up your favourites.  

Craving African cuisines? Imagine the juicy crunch of okra in a rich stew, digging into spicy jollof rice or satisfying those midday cravings with plantain chips, we’ve got everything you need. Or if it’s the aromatic biryani you want, our South Asian section will kit you out with the right spices and sauces. Stock up on essentials like ginger garlic paste, coconut milk and poppadoms to prepare your favourite South Asian cuisine anytime. To keep your meals interesting, we’ve also got tonnes of quick and easy Asian recipes that are sure to be a hit with everyone.  

If you’re a fan of sushi, kimchi or stir fries, head to our Far East Asian section for all the right ingredients to help you cook up a storm. Lemongrass will add a zesty kick to your hot and sour fish soup and fresh oriental greens will add extra flavour to your sticky pork fillet with pak choi recipe.  

Our grocery section has a long list of exotic fruits too. From juicy mangoes and ripe pineapples to dates and even apples we’ve got many options to choose from. Add these seasonal fruits to your custards for a refreshing taste or make a quick fruit salad to enjoy the goodness of fruits from around the globe in one go.