Rechargeable batteries & chargers

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Keep your electronics charged up and ready for action with our rechargeable batteries and chargers. Instead of shelling out for a new battery every time, just pop them in one of our battery chargers and it’ll be good to go in no time.  

If you’re a shutterbug, rechargeable batteries are a great choice for cameras. Keep some spare to make sure you’re always ready to shoot some stunning shots. For your everyday go-tos like TV remote controls, it’s worth investing some batteries to make sure you can tune on the telly whenever you fancy. And to keep your little one’s electronic toys and remote control vehicles in top shape, you’ll find a wide selection of batteries for all your needs.  

It’s important to make sure your essentials are all in proper condition. Keep your family protected with our range of smoke alarms. We also have Wi-Fi enabled options to help avoid any unwanted hazards when you’re away from home. Whilst you’re at it, check our range of doorbells to give yours an upgrade. From basic models to smart doorbells with cameras to see who’s out, there’s plenty to choose from.