Pre-school toys

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Hear that? It’s the sound of your pre-school child/cousin/kid-that-you’re-babysitting playing with their new toys designed for pre-school kids. It’s the sound of learning while smiling. It’s the sound of laughter and the opportunity for some quality time playing with them. It’s also the opportunity for some quiet. 

You could use that time to clean the house. Our cleaning products and polishes and dusters have you covered if that’s what you want to do. After all, while they’re playing with their tea party sets and figurines, they’re not throwing food across the kitchen. Just enough time to clean up that morning’s attempt at a civilised meal. 

Or you could finish off that coffee that you’ve been wanting since you got up. It’s still sitting in the mug, just without any water. Imagine the smell of the coffee climbing into your nostrils. Then there’s the exercise you’ve been wanting to do. And with our home fitness and exercise equipment, you can make progress in your fitness aims while keeping an eye on the kids.  

And if you’ve got younger kids, then take a look at our baby and toddler range. Including meals, laundry, nappies and more, we aim to make it as easy as we can to look after your little ones.  

You might even have some toys to gift to another family. This nice idea can be made even better with a card and a gift bag. So go on, give the gift of smiles.