Bananas & grapes

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If you want a sweet treat that’s all natural, why not try a banana or a bowl of grapes? Bananas are sweet and can form a great snack while you’re on a walk. Just remember to throw away the peal! And a bunch of grapes, or even a bowl, can be a great afternoon treat. We have black grapes and white grapes, seedless grapes, and grapes with seeds, so you can pick the taste and texture you want. You could even find one of our grapes that tastes like cotton candy! 

And if you want a snack with a little more crunch, why not go for a carrot? You could mix some with a bag of greens from our spinach, greens, and kale collection. Create a quick and easy salad by throwing in some juicy tomatoes as well. 

Or you could experiment with some more exotic vegetables. Try the passionate taste of the passion fruit, or the liquorice-like flavour of fennel. Or pick up a selection and take your palette on an adventure around the globe! 

Try our grapes with some cheese for a delightful combination of sweet and rich. Or put some chopped banana in some half and half bread for a slightly strange, but oh-so-delicious sandwich.