Salad dressings & croutons

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Elevate your salads to a new level of deliciousness with our diverse range of salad dressings and croutons. Whether you're a fan of classic salad cream & mayonnaise or you're looking to experiment with unique condiments, we've got you covered. Our selection doesn't just stop at dressings, we offer a variety of chutneys, pickles & relishes to add that extra zing to your greens. 

But why stop there? Complement your salad with our extensive range of vegetables, freshly sourced and packed with nutrients. From crisp lettuce to vibrant peppers, we've got all the essentials to make your salad a feast for the senses. 

And if you're looking to make your meal even more substantial, don't forget to explore our pasta and couscous options. These versatile ingredients can transform a simple salad into a hearty meal, offering both taste and texture that will leave you craving for more. 

So go ahead, mix and match to create your perfect salad experience.